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Beau Brooks

Full Name

Beau Peter Brooks


July 31st, 1993 (Age 19)

Beau Edit

Beau Peter Brooks (Born 31st July, 1993)  is a member of the teenage pranking group, The Janoskians. He is the eldest member of the group and is the older brother of the two twins in the group, Jai Brooks and Luke Brooks. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his brothers and their mother. One of his hobbies includes pulling pranks on people and getting them on video. He attended Penola Catholic College for his high schooling years.

More info Edit

Beau Brooks was not the original creator of the 'Janoskians' name.He is considered the leader of the group. Beau is single. 

Facts Edit

  • Beau used to be a paper boy and earned $6 a morning
  • His favorite color is red
  • His ideal perfect date is a candle light dinner
  • He loves British accents
  • He is the oldest Janoskian
  • His favorite One Direction member is Louis
  • Beau's favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio
  • His favorite film is Titanic
  • Beau's favorite TV show is Two and a Half Men
  • He is a huge Chris Lillley fan
  • He is not a leaf he's a tree

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